New Orleans King Cake | Cartozzo's Bakery Original Recipe, Order Today

Voted ‘Best King Cake’
by Food & Wine

“…. the unanimous favorite. In fact, it beat out every king cake we’ve ever had delivered to the office.”

Featured in
The Big Book of King Cake!

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Cartozzo's Bakery Ya Heard?!

We bake & ship our secret family recipe NAKED KING Cakes for you to Decorate!

Each New Orleans King Cake kit comes with icing, sugar, and of course a gold baby.

This process preserves the integrity of the king cake while in transit and also gives you a chance to embrace the creative spirit of carnival in New Orleans.

Need an Authentic New Orleans Party Favor?

Our MINI KINGS™ are perfect for large gatherings. Individually wrapped & sealed, MINI King Cakes come 18 to a case in a variety of flavors.

Each comes fully decorated with a gold baby.

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