Great Breads and Pastries
for 80 Years...

Cartozzo’s Bakery is a wholesale baking company specializing in all types of breads and rolls including french and italian breads, po boys, pistolettes, king cakes, crawfish bread, spinach bread, focaccia, dinner rolls, muffalettas, and hamburger buns. We serve the hotel and restaurant industry as well as casinos and food service providers. Cartozzo’s is a fourth generation bakery that has been treating New Orleanians to great breads and pastries for 80 years. Our products can be found in your favorite local restaraurants as well as many seafood and italian resaurants around the state. Each year we also ship thousands of our delicious king cakes around the country, with every bite you are experiencing generations of careful study of the art of baking.

Our History...

In the late 60’s, my grandfather opened up Angelo’s Bakery (when I was 7 years old).  That is when I started in the bakery business.  Today, our breads, kingcakes and cinnamon rolls are in hundreds of grocery stores in 14 states and we ship our products all across the country…but it wasn’t always that way.

When we first opened, we were a very small operation.  One of my jobs at 7 years old was making Italian fig cookies.  We still make them today using the same recipe from 50 years ago.  In fact all of our breads, cheesecakes and king cakes are made to the same way as my grandfather made them back in the 60’s.

In 1983, when I first went off on my own, my brother Tony and I were making danishes.  We started filling our danish with strawberry and cream cheese, and that is when we first got the idea – ‘why don’t we fill a king cake’?  So we took a king cake, flipped it over, pumped some bavarian cream in it, gave it to my mother and BOOM! It sold immediately!  That is when our filled king cakes became a permanent part of our product line.

On the first of the year, every year, we start making king cakes.  We make the traditional plain, cream cheese, strawberry, praline, but we also do some different kinds of king cakes.

Every year we try to add a different king cake. We do a crawfish king cake, a muffaletta king cake, a banana foster king cake, red velvet cream cheese, ammaretto, and a lot of different things that other bakeries do not do.

~ Angelo Cartozzo, Sr.