NAKED King Cake


Pre-Baked King Cake for you to decorate!

To preserve the integrity of the cake and allow for personal touches, we ship the baked king cakes for you to ice and sugar upon arrival. Included in each kit: 1 naked king cake, 1 packet of icing, 3 packets of colored sugar, and golden baby. A new bonus – Puccino’s Coffee!

The white tray that comes with your king cake is oven safe! You may remove the king cake with tray from the box and give it a little heat in the oven on 200º for approximately 3-5 minutes and then add your icing and sugar.

Our King Cakes feed 16+ people.


12" French Bread, 4CT

Includes (2) 2pks of our famous 12" French Bread

20" FANCY Mardi Gras Bead


Extra gold babies for your Mardi Gras party!

8" Muffaletta Bread, 2CT

Includes (1) 2pk of our famous 8" Muffaletta Bread

2nd Day Air Shipping Included with King Cakes
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TRADITIONAL – Cinnamon, TOPPED – Praline Pecan, FILLED – Cream Cheese, FILLED – Blueberry Cream Cheese, FILLED – Chocolate Cream Cheese, FILLED – Praline Cream Cheese, FILLED – Strawberry Cream Cheese, FILLED – Wedding Cake (Almond Cream Cheese)